Utah Poultry 2016 Division Car

The new Northern Utah Division Car is available for pre-order online! Go to the web page for our Division Cars to order.

The Utah Poultry Producers Association was formed in 1923  to improve the quality of eggs.  The association was very successful, Utah’s “MILK WHITE EGGS” commanded the highest prices in the leading markets of the country. Most of the eggs were shipped to market (New York City was a major market) in Utah Poultry Producer refrigerator cars reproduced in HO scale by Accurail for the Northern Utah Division, NMRA. We have a photograph with numbers 6198, 6199, 6202 and 6205 and another showing at least nineteen Utah Poultry Producer cars (no numbers are readable).  The Northern Utah Division car is numbered 6199 and renumbering decals will be available.


utah-poultry-carWe have a photo showing about twenty of these cars and another photo with four cars (the only two known photos). The second photo has readable car numbers for the four cars, so the renumbering decals will include these numbers and the rest will be “could-have-beens”.