Monthly Events

The March, April and May Board Meeting and Monthly Event are to be online.



The Northern Utah Division Event has moved to the
Redwood Recreation Center in West Valley City.

Please note this for all future events.

We are also starting at a new time!

Board of Director’s Meeting from 9 AM – 10 AM
Division Event from 10 AM – Noon

Redwood Recreation Center
3060 Lester Street
West Valley City, UT 84119

There is ample free parking available in the front of the building off of Lester Street.

There is additional free parking behind the building to the north and a short walk across Lester Street to the east.

There are two Trax Stations in the area. Redwood Junction at Redwood Road and Research Way. The Decker Lake Station at 3100 South and Decker Lake Drive.




May Daland Speirs


TBDUnion Pacific Turbines
Presented by Fred Baney

A fascinating history and facts about the UP Turbines. (A continuation on his prior presentation of the same subject.)


TBDMulti Mini Clinics

We will be starting our multi mini-clinics. We will have one on using an air brush with Blaine Holbrook and two others going on simultaneously. Rotating every thirty minutes or so. Stay tuned for more information.



I am asking all in the division what they might like to see in the way of clinics. Hands on, video presentations, scenery ideas, DCC, weathering, trestle construction, tunnel portal and snowshed construction, just to name a few ideas. In our division we have a lot of beginners, advanced, and a lot of great modelers, we can all become better by sharing our ideas and talents. Join in with us each month for some fun and adventures in modeling.

Lowell Didas
Clinics Coordinator

To see past clinic topics we have a special page for that!