Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected by the membership of the Division to serve a term of two full years, beginning on January 1 of the first year, and ending on December 31 of the second year. Each member of the Board must at all times be a member of the NMRA in good standing.

The Board is responsible for maintaining the legal requirements for the Corporation, and ensuring that the requirements for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status is being maintained, and that the purpose of the Division is being met.

Directors of the Northern Utah Division

Superintendent: Jim Wanlass (2023-2024)

Assistant Superintendent: Blaine Holbrook (2024-2025)

Treasurer: Jerry Bregg (2024-2025)

Director (Seat A): Kevin Anderson (2023-2024)

Director (Seat B): Mike Dean (2024-2025)

Director (Seat C): George Bell (2023-2024)

Director (Seat D): Geoff Carter (2024-2025)

The dates in parentheses indicate the current term being served.
Color is only to show similar years.

Board Meeting Minutes can be found here.
(Password protected – if you need access use the Contact Us page to request access.)

The FINALIZED Bylaws (as of 5/20/15) can be found here.

To reach any member you may send an email using the Contact Us page and it will be promptly forwarded.


Bylaws of the Northern Utah Division. Approved by the members on 3/15/14.