Past Clinics

If you want to see what some of the past clinics we have had here is the list. Mostly it is used for those who can’t remember what they had for breakfast and want to recall what they learned at previous meetings 🙂


October 21, 2022–The Restoration of 4420 at the Evanston Roundhouse
Presented by Steve Ewing

The Union Pacific No. 4420 is a Class S-4 0-6-0 steam locomotive. It was built in 1914 by the Lima Locomotive Works for the Union Pacific Railroad (UP). It was designed to work as a switcher for the UP for most of its career.

September 15, 2023Three Mini Clinics
Presented by David Seely-Dirt
I will tell how I find dirt and bring it home. Then I dry it, sift it and store it for use as scenery.

Presented by Geoff Carter-Electrical Trouble Shooting
Learn techniques for trouble shooting electrical problems on your layout using a meter and other electrical tips.

Presented by Rick Luther-Venting a Spray Booth Indoors
Learn a technique for venting an air brush spray booth indoors. This not to be used in your main family living area, but can be used in the workshop or train room.

August 19, 2023–The History of the Union Pacific Turbines
Presented by Doug Baney

Discover the fascinating history of the Union Pacific’s “Big Blow” gas turbines.

July 15, 2023–Plaster Carving
Presented by Blaine Holbrook

Learn the ins and outs of carving plaster to look like realistic cliffs, rocks and mountain scenery.

June 17, 2023–Annual Summer Picnic
Presented by Northern Utah Division

The June Monthly Event will held at the Canyon Meadows Park. Home of the South Weber Model Railroad Club’s 1 1/2″ layout! The park is located at 631 Peterson Pkwy, South Weber, UT 84405. There will be tables, refreshments and train rides!

May 20, 2023–Making Gondola and Flat Car Loads
Presented by Charlie Treft

Just can’t stand to see all those empty flat cars and gondolas running around the layout! Charlie will show us some tips and tricks for filling them up with loads.

April 15, 2023–Operations for Small Layouts
Presented by George Bell and Mike Lambert

This clinic will discuss the basics of operating a model railroad in a realistic fashion, how these principles may be applied to smaller layouts, and examples of how this could be, and has been, done.

March 18, 2023–Making Old Trains Run Like New
Presented by Geoff Carter

Did you inherit some old rolling stock and engines from a friend or family? Geoff Carter will give us some tips and tricks to get those old trains running like new.

February 18, 2023–What’s New on the Utah Colorado Western
Presented by Lee Nicholas

Lee will give us an update on his fabulous Utah Colorado Western Layout. One of the best layouts in Utah!

January 21, 2022–SCARM Program usage
Presented by Charlie Treft

SCARM means Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller – software for easy and precise design of model train layouts and railroad track plans. With SCARM you can easily create the layout of your dreams. Just download the setup package, install it and start editing your first track plan.

December 17, 2022–Christmas Party and Photography Presentation
Presented by Northern Utah Division and Rick Luther

In the spirit of the season, we would like everyone to bring a treat to share (dessert or meal-type food) and a wrapped gift for the Gift Exchange. It can be something funny or even practical that you no longer have need of. The gift should preferably be train- related but it doesn’t need to be. Let’s have some fun!

November 19, 2022–Scratch Building Structures
Presented by Bill Johnson

If you are not able to find just the right building for your layout, then this clinic is for you! Bill is back again with tips and techniques for scratch-building structures for your layout.

October 15, 2022–Layout Control
Presented by Mike Dean

A continuation of Mike’s previous clinic on arduinos. This time we will be getting into how to use them to control your layout.

September 20, 2022–The Great Basin Railroad
Presented by Trever Stevens

Learn some interesting things about this fascinating railroad. Really more about railroading in England where Trever grew up.

August 18, 2022–Bull Session
Hosted by Jim Wanlass

Our presenter for the September meeting was not able to make it at the last minute. So, we had a good old fashion “Bull” session. Members were informed of upcoming events pertaining to the division and were asked for their input about new ideas. This was a chance for everyone to get their thoughts out in the open for all to discuss. We also went around the room and gave everyone a chance to let us know what they are doing with their model railroading hobby. It was a chance to really see the diversity of the different interests and understand how people experience the hobby within our group. Overall a very enjoyable meeting!

July 16, 2022–The Basics of Soldering
Presented by Blaine Holbrook

Demonstration of three different types of soldering and techniques.

June 18, 2022–Promontory Trip
Presented by Northern Utah Division

May 21, 2022–Scratch-building Rolling Stock
Presented by Scott Perry

Learn the tips and techniques for scratch building rolling stock for your layout.

April 16, 2022–Weathering
Presented by David Sealy

Learn the ins and outs about weathering techniques for your layout.

March 19, 2022–The Cypress Route: SCL’s Columbia Sub in HO Scale
Presented by Mark Reviea

Almost every modeler has a dream layout. The Cypress Route is mine. During my childhood while living in Savannah, GA., I developed a deep love for the Seaboard Coast Line—especially when running through thick stands of Slash pines and muddy Cypress-filled swamps. If I was ever to build a model railroad, it would need to produce such a strong reminder of those memories that I was instantly transported back to that time and place. For me, anything else would be just a toy. Like the timetable for many modelers, I’ve gotten to the place in my life where I can finally start building that dream. Although it has only been in the formal planning stage for the past decade, I’ve not wasted any time accumulating quite a roster of equipment.

During the last year, I’ve also been participating in the Division’s Construction Crew. Alternating each week, we work on the layouts of other crewmembers helping with whatever needs to be done. It’s also a great way to learn some elite modeling skills.

In between sessions, I’ve been preparing my own train room so that I can now add my layout to the rotation. Since my model railroad is such a large project with unique personal considerations, I felt that it would be helpful to prepare a PowerPoint presentation to coordinate the Construction Crew’s efforts. I initially presented my project at our first meeting at my house earlier this month.

However, due to a conflict in the Division’s clinic schedule, I’ve been asked to present my orientation at this month’s members meeting as well.

Topics that I will cover include: the personal relevance of my layout, a brief SCL history, features of the Columbia Sub, features of the Cypress Route, detailed CAD diagrams of the multi-level layout design with Helix, a preview of my train room, the layout work lineup, and my personal objectives for the final result.

Whether or not you already have a layout, I do think you’ll find what I’ve put together to be fun and interesting.

So I’m really excited about this opportunity to share my work with you!

I hope to see you there!

February 19, 2022–Working with Arduinos – Hands-on
Presented by Mike Dean

We will be doing an Arduino clinic in February, and would like members to think ahead for clinic. Mike Dean will be presenting, but this clinic will require a fair amount of computer preparation. NOTE: If you do not have a computer, this is not a problem – we will bring some computers. But IF you have a laptop that you can bring to the clinic, it will help everyone. We will send details in subsequent newsletters about what how YOU can help by bringing a laptop.

The goal of this clinic will be to help members see how very tiny microcontroller chips can do REAL things. You will be provided with a tiny chip, breadboard, and some LEDS, as well as a programming cable, in return for which we need your energy, and IF you want to keep the equipment, a mere $10 for about $25 worth of hardware! It’s a no-brainer.

We will have about five laptops, and will bring Arduino chips, boards, LEDs, breadboards, wires, and everything you need to see how you can do some interesting things, with little difficulty.

Presentation PDF

Download Files

January 22, 2022–New Year Celebration/Presentation–How to Build a DC/DCC Test Track
Presented by Geoff Carter

In the spirit of the season, we would like everyone to bring a treat to share (dessert or meal-type food) and a wrapped gift for the Gift Exchange. It can be something funny or even practical that you no longer have need of. The gift should preferably be train-related but it doesn’t need to be. Let’s have some fun!

December 18, 2021–Train Day at Discovery Gateway
Presented by Northern Utah Division

The December meeting will be held at the Discovery Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. This is an opportunity to share our love of the hobby with the general public and introduce the hobby with a whole new group of people.

November 20, 2021–Modeling Modern Passenger Service
Presented by Kevin Anderson

Everything from the history, to current and past paint schemes and equipment used around the system by Amtrak.

October 16, 2021–Layout Wiring Part 3
Presented by Kevin Anderson

This will be the final presentation of the series on layout wiring that Kevin has given in February and June with more information on more advanced topics.

September 18, 2021–How to Build a Quick & Easy Fleet of Track Cleaning Cars
Presented by Jim Wanlass, MMR

Whether you need one or a fleet of track cleaning cars, this method is quick and easy. The hardest part is gathering the materials which will be provided for you. In this Hands- on Clinic build your own track cleaning car. Bring a boxcar and the rest of the materials will be provided.

August 21, 2021–How to Make Decals
Presented by Charlie Treft

Charlie is doing this clinic to learn a new skill in Model Railroading. This idea is a great way for modelers to do a clinic presentation while learning something new and helping the rest of us.

Download the presentation: Making Your Decals.pdf (9 MB)

July 17, 2021–Shay Park Potluck Lunch and Train Rides
Presented by Utah Live Steamers

Relax and the warm weather at Shay Park in Saratoga Springs. We will be having a potluck lunch and the chance to ride the trains from the Utah Live Steamers.

June 19, 2021–Charging On30 Locomotives on a Dead Track
Presented by Lowell Didas

Lowell will present his “Dead” track On30 locomotives and how he charges the on-board battery. This will be a great opportunity to see a “Dead Rail” locomotive in action and ask lots of questions.

May 15, 2021–Layout Wiring Part 2
Presented by Kevin Anderson

This will be a continuation of the February Clinic that Kevin gave with more information and covering more than the basics.

April 17, 2021–Live From Jim’s Train Room – Orem Edition
Presented by Jim Wanlass, MMR

Our scheduled clinician could not make this month so we had an impromptu “layout tour” of the Model Train Show at University Place (Mall) in Orem. It was a two week show with HO Free-mo, NTRAK and T-TRAK layouts from the OT&W Club. The first weekend we also had the Wasatch N Scale Club.

March 20, 2021–Layout Virtual Tour
Presented by Frank Baker, Director, Arizona Division, NMRA

Enjoy a virtual tour of the Director of the Arizona Division, Frank Baker’s layout the Morristown & Erie RR-Western Division. It is 18′ x 33.6′ in a special building next to his house in Scottsdale, AZ. He is known as the “bird guy” because most of his structures have birds on them. Speaking of structures, some people won’t bring a structure if they know he is bringing one to the contest room! He has been heard to say, “the devil is in the details.”

February 20, 2021–Basic Wiring
Presented by Kevin Anderson

Learn about simple layout wiring to get that layout up and running.
The clinic starts at about 32 min

January 16, 2021–3D Printing Tips and Techniques
Presented by Michael Harris

Learn about the art and science of 3D printing.

December 19, 2020–Modeling Tips – “Geoff Style”
Presented by Geoff Carter

Hum, sounds like an interesting subject. I’m sure Geoff will wow us with a wealth of tips that will all make us better modelers!

November 21, 2020–Pizza Box Layouts for Anyone
Presented by Blaine Holbrook

Pizza Box layouts aren’t just for kids. They are a great way for adults to start in the hobby.

October 17, 2020–Tips for Photographing Your Models and Layout
Presented by Rick Luther

In today’s world we carry a camera around with us every day. Learn some tips on using your cell phone for photography.

Sept 19, 2020–Live From Jim’s Train Room – Evanston Edition
Presented by Jim Wanlass, MMR

This month Jim will show in detail the Free-mo modules he started in May. On one side someone can play the Timesaver game and on the other side is a dual Inglenoook where one can do a Standard Gauge or Narrow Gauge version of the game. He will also show all the other modules set up in Evanston. The beauty of this format is one can work on their own modules at home and bring them together to set up a large layout to be able to run long trains.

Aug 15, 2020–Building a Portable Layout
Presented by Charlie Treft

Tips and Techniques for building a portable non-modular layout.

July 18, 2020–Live From Jim’s Train Room – Ballasting
Presented by Jim Wanlass, MMR

Easy and quick techniques for track laying and ballasting.

Charlie Treft – Recruitment

June 20, 2020–Backdrop Painting
Presented by Kevin Anderson


Learn some tips and tricks for creating successful backdrops from a “Non- Artist”.

May 16, 2020–Model Railroad Signaling
Presented by Daland Speirs

A discussion from the “Wizard” of Signaling and Operations.

April 18, 2020–Live From Jim’s Train Room – Building Turnouts
Presented by Jim Wanlass, MMR

This month’s clinic is back in Jim’s train room (actually his work room where the real work gets done) where you can be “a fly on the wall” and watch in as he works on building turnouts. Get tips, tricks and advice where you can interact and ask questions as he builds. A very informal setting. Those who join the meeting early can vote for what is worked on. On the list is an On30 #4 Wye, an HO/HOn3 dual crossing HO standard, HOn3 #4, a HO/HOn3 turnout splitting the narrow and standard gauges and others.

March 21, 2020Making Scenery with Foam Rubber and Portland cement
Presented by Jim Wanlass, MMR

A different technique for building layout scenery.

First ever (for our Division) live-online presentation!

February 15, 20203D Printing
Presented by Michael Harris
Learn the basics and possibilities that 3D printing can do for your model railroad. “A hobby within a hobby.”

January 18, 2020

No meeting at the Redwood Rec Center – we are supporting the 30th Anniversary Train Show at Thanksgiving Point by the OT&W

December 21, 2019Making Trees
Presented by Kevin Anderson

Learn another method of making trees for your layout.


Model Railroading Basics 101
Presented by Lowell Didas and Geoff Carter

We will be developing a track plan and laying track.

November 16, 2019

How a real railroad operates
Presented by Daland Spiers

Download the presentation: Model Railroad OperationsNew.pdf (11.4 MB)

Model Railroading Basics 101
Presented by Lowell Didas and Geoff Carter

Learn the ins and outs of creating benchwork for a 2′ x4′ N scale layout.

October 19, 2019My Life With the DRG&W
Presented by Jeff Pierce

Jeff will weave an interesting story of his history with the Denver Rio Grande & Western Railroad.

September 21, 2019“MSS” Modular Signaling System
Presented by Mike Nelson

This is a system that has proven to work well in Free-mo modular layouts and could easily be configured to work on a permanent layout. It is based on ABS signaling system.

August 17, 2019–DCC decoder installation and programming
Presented by Josh McMurrin

Learn some tips and tricks of DCC decoder installation and programming.

July 20, 2019Come to our special end of convention celebration!
Our regular monthly meeting for July will be a bring your own potluck feast featuring a BBQ bean Dutch Oven treat from Ron Davies. Watch a slide show of the convention and enjoy some great stories.

June 15, 2019Finding the Junction City and the Story of the Golden Spike
Presented by Ron Davies

Congress dictated that the first transcontinental railroad had to join somewhere between the California /Nevada border and Omaha. Early estimates as late as 1868 placed it to be in the middle of Wyoming or middle of Nevada. I will present the history of those last days in building the Junction City and the driving of the Golden Spike.

May 18, 2019RailPro Model Train Control System
Presented by Geoff Carter

Learn about the easy to use and powerful RailPro model train control system. Spend your time having fun with your model trains and not learning cryptic programming of variables, memorizing what function buttons do, and other complexities required by typical digital control systems.

April 20, 2019The Significance of May 10th
Presented by Dale Angell

The always entertaining Dale Angell will talk about the upcoming historical railroad event.

March 16, 2019Utah Rail Enthusiasts
Presented by Lee Wohlgemuth

Utah Rail Enthusiasts was created for current news, events, special trains or random railroad stuff in Utah.

February 16, 2019Quick and Easy Weathering
Workshop by Rick Luther

Learn how to quickly weather your entire fleet of rolling stock. Fred Baney taught you how to do a meticulously beautiful job, but what about all the other cars that will have to wait for you to have the weather? No railroad has that many bright and shiny new cars. Rick will show you how to quickly turn that fleet of shiny plastic into aged revenue rolling stock.

January 19, 2019Using JMRI to Enhance My Model Railroad Experiences
Presented by Mike Dean

Discover the ins and outs of the JMRI computer program to take model railroading to the next level. This program can make programing DCC decoders easier, control signals and track and much more.

December 15, 2018–Alaska Railroad
Presented by Aaron Pederson
Aaron will talk about the fascinating Alaska Railroad. This a unique railroad that faces drastic weather and sitiuations that railroads in the lower 48 never have to deal with.

November 17, 2018–Building Card Stock Structures
Presented by Jim Wanlass
In earlier days of the hobby, card-stock (paper), wood and metal kits were the norm. The proliferation of inexpensive plastic kits pushed these other models to the back for decades. One big advantage of card-stock kits is the adhesives used to build them. Basic wood and white glue work fine. There are no harmful solvents and no worries about sticking your fingers together. You may also be surprised at how little glue is needed on these models, how quickly the glue sets, and how strong they can be once dry.

October 20, 2018Weathering
Workshop by Fred Baney
At our last clinic you had a chance to bring rolling stock and ask questions, learn new tricks and tips or just finally get a chance to build that car that has been sitting on the self since last year. This workshop will take that one step further by learning new techniques for weathering that rolling stock and getting rid of that just new look. Fred is a talented artist with chalks and other techniques for weathering rolling stock. Don’t forget to bring a car and join in the fun!

September 15, 2018Bring and Build Day : Rolling Stock
Do you have some rolling stock that you want to build or finish? Having a problem assembling that complicated wood or plastic kit? Wanting to learn some tips and techniques for building that awesome ore car? Bring your kits and some tools and we will spend time building and sharing creative ways to get more rolling stock on your layout.

August 18, 2018101 Modeling Tips
Short cuts, tricks, better ways to doing things, and secret time-savers.
Presented by Blaine Holbrook

July 21, 2018AP Presentation
Bruce will be presenting a clinic on his route to Master Model Railroader through the NMRA Achievement Program. Learn how to get started and the joy of becoming the best model railroader you can. Bruce maybe better known as the founder of Litchfield Station and as “Mr. DCC”. He is from the Pacific Southwest Region, Arizona Division and a columnist for Model Railroad Hobbyist digital magazine.
Presented by Bruce Petrarca, Mr. DCC, MMR #574

June 16, 2018Prototype Photography
We’ll go over, different types of photography, the equipment to bring along, the basics, techniques, and some great helpful hints. Plenty of examples will be shown. Framing, making the most of what you have to work with, field trips, and knowing your limits. Bring your questions. We’ll do our best to entertain and spark your creative imagination.
Presented by Ken Foster

May 19, 2018Timesaver Layouts, Inglenooks and More
If you like puzzles or operation, you will love this. Let them show you all the tricks to more fun.
Presented by Jim Wanlass MMR, Fred Baney, Bob and Karin Gerald, and Geoff Carter

April 21, 20183M Electrical Connectors, an alternative to soldering
If you’re not too confident in wiring your layout, or soldering skills, there is another way to connect those wires. Suitcase connectors, quick connects, and t-taps my be just what you need to get the job done. Tools needed: a pair of wire crimpers and a pair of pliers. An added bonus is there is nothing to plug in, which means no soldering iron, no burned fingers or hands.
Presented by Lowell Didas

March 17, 2018RailPro model train control system
Learn about the easy to use and powerful RailPro model train control system. Spend your time having fun with your model trains and not learning cryptic programming of variables, memorizing what function buttons do, and other complexities required by typical digital control systems.
Presented by Geoff Carter

February 17, 2018Making Sage Brush
Learn how to create realistic sage brush to give your layout that distinctive look of the western United States.
Presented by Blaine Holbrook

Handout – Making Sage Brush

PowerPoint (as a PDF) – Sage Brush (1MB)

January 20, 2018Light your layout with the “Just-Plug” lighting system
An introduction to the Woodland Scenics “Just-Plug” lighting system. Learn how to add lights to your buildings and install street lights with ease using this simple system. Also includes tips on how to add your own LED’s, wiring and power.
Presented by Rick Luther

Handout – Light Up Your Layout

PowerPoint (as a PDF) – Light Up Your Layout (3MB)

December 16, 2017Hands-on Building Great Looking Trees Quickly
Jim’s philosophy is to have the right tool for the right job. He will show AND give you a chance to build your own pine trees using this unique tool. In very little time you can have a great looking tree! You can build these trees in a variety of sizes to work with multiple scales.
Presented by Jim Wanlass, MMR

Handout – Make Great Looking Trees Quickly

November 18, 2017Building Roads and Parking Lots
Learn how to create roads and parking lots by using craft foam sheets from the craft store. A simple and easy method of adding detail to your layout without plaster or other “wet” ingredients.
Presented by Rick Luther

Handout – One way to Build Roads, Sidewalks and Parking Lots

PowerPoint (as a PDF) – One way to Build Roads, Sidewalks and Parking Lots (5MB)

October 21, 2017Prototype Rehab and Reuse
A 43 min. video from the History Channel showing how the real railroads scrap, rehab. and rescue cars, engines, and materials into “better than new”, or made into something entirely different.
Presented by Steve Moore

September 16, 2017Presentation
Keith Osojnak and Schon Norris will share some railroad photography with us. Keith’s emphasis will be Thailand railroads, and Schon will present model and prototype photographs.
Presented by Keith Osojnak and Schon Norris *Keith was unable to make it.

August 19, 2017Presentation
A two-part clinic.  First, a report on the Orlando NMRA National Convention.  Second, a presentation on Weathering Structures.
Presented by Bill Hughes

July 15, 2017Presentation
Guil Rand will show us how he modeled the McWane Ductile Pipe Plant.
Presented by Guil Rand

June 17, 2017Hands on Photography
Bring your camera!!  Schon Norris will cover some photography basics — f-stops, shutter speed, depth of field, focal length, “film” speed, telephoto, wide-angle, macro, micro and more with an emphasis on close-up photography.  Then we will practice what we learned.  While we will have models to photograph, please feel free to bring your own model(s).
Presented by Schon Norris

May 20, 2017The Circus is Gone!– All about the Prototype and Modeling
An updated presentation on circuses with updates reflecting the major changes in the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus that have happened in the last few months. The last Ringling Brothers Barnum & Baily performance will be May 21, 2017, the day after our event.  Marty will update us with the latest about this significant change and what the future may hold.
Presented by Marty Petersen

April 15, 2017Eye Health and Safety
>Dr. Bogus (yes that is his real name) will do a presentation on eyes, eye aging, close-up work and eye safety.
Presented by Dr. Bogus

March 18, 2017Operations without the Aggravation
Learn about using a simple car routing system without all the paperwork and without a lot of time sitting in front of a computer.
Presented by Rick Luther

PDF – Car Order Presentation

February 18, 2017Create Unique and Cheap Buildings in Any Scale
Mike will show us how to create unique and cheap buildings in any scale.
Workshop by Mike Pettruzzelli

January 21, 2017Two Presentations
A short presentation about A.C. Gilbert, manufacturer of American Flyer trains.
Presented by Jim Buckley Cancelled due to health reasons.

Modesto & Empire Traction and the Western Railway Museum
Presented by Stan Jennings

December 17, 2016Trains & Christmas
TRAINS & CHRISTMAS and the story of the railroads of Parley’s Canyon.
Presented by Dale Angell

November 19, 2016Health, Aging and Modeling
Dealing with aging yet continuing your model railroading hobby – Tips on heart health and keeping lungs working well with most of clinic devoted to eye health and safety.

October 15, 2015–Share your modeling skills
The Discovery Model Railroad Club, a 100% NMRA club for youth, will be at the Northern Utah Division’s regular monthly event with their Pizza Box layouts.

The first part of the clinic will be Show n’ Tell.  Bring your favorite model (and why it is your favorite), bring a photograph of your layout, tell a railroad or model railroad story.  The intent is to demonstrate to the Discovery Model Railroad Club that model railroading IS the most interesting hobby in the world.

The second part of the clinic is sharing your skills with the Discovery Model Railroad Club members featuring hands-on interaction with the new modelers and their Pizza Pie layouts.

September 17, 2016–Hands-on Locomotive Lighting
John Laser
Learn tips and techniques for installing lighting in your locomotives. John will also be covering some basic soldering techniques.

August 20, 2016A Very Special Workshop
Lee Nicholas
History of the Utah Colorado Western with some thoughts on wiring and spine roadbed.

July 16, 2016Why is a National NMRA Convention such a big deal?
Presented by The 2019 National Convention Team

A report on the Indianapolis 2016 NMRA convention.

Also, special guest Bruce Petrarca, known as “Mr DCC” was in attendance to answer any of your questions about DCC and talked about becoming one of the most recent Master Model Railroaders in the AP program.

June 18, 2016Hands-on Scenery
Rob Spangler
Learn from one of Utah’s master scenery builders! Rob will show us his techniques for building fabulous scenery. You will be able to take your plywood empire to a realistic contoured beauty in no time.

May 21, 2016Hands-on Backdrop Painting
Gil Bennett
Gil has been painting for 30 years.  During that time he has painted for private collectors, public and private businesses. He loves to paint trains, or as his friend says “A landscape with a train in it.” Come prepared to be amazed and entertained.

thegroup_webPrior to May 2016 our monthly division events were held at the Jordan Valley Medical Center West Valley Campus (formerly known as Pioneer Valley Hospital)

April 16, 2016Scratch Building Rolling Stock
Presentation by Al Badham
Learn from one of Utah’s master model builders the techniques for building beautiful, fine detailed and award winning rolling stock!

PDF-Scratch Building Cars

March 19, 2016Building the Canadian Northern
Presentation by Greg Butters
Greg’s wife’s grandfather worked on the railroad 1915-1919, photographed and documented some of the construction.

The March 19th, 2016 event of the Northern Utah Division became a movie event presented by Steve Moore. Steve featured some interesting and informative videos from Model Railroad Hobbyist and Model Railroader magazines. Videos presented by Ken Patterson included such diverse subjects as carving foam, using a laser level, photo stacking software, the new Bachmann E-Z App and BlueRail for running trains, and building a BTS  structure. Charlie Comstock presented a video on working with MicroEngineering Trackwork and Cody Grivno presented a video for making broken windows. The only thing missing was the popcorn!

February 20, 2016–Quick and Easy Trees
Workshop by Karin Gerald

PDF Trees

January 16, 2016–Cool Tools
Presentation by Rick Luther
Making fun, useful tools from everyday items. Also, bring and share your favorite tools.

PDF Cheap Tools Tips & Tricks

We met at Thanksgiving Point during the OT&W Train Show this month.


December 19, 2015–Introduction to Mold Making and Casting
Lecture & Workshop by Jim Wanlass
Learn about making molds and casting parts. The first part will be a lecture on the mold making process and using “off-the-shelf” products. The second part will explain casting parts and molds will be available for a hands-on casting session.

PDF Intro to Mold Making and Casting

Advanced Airbrush Workshop by Alan Eaton
At Blaine Holbrook’s home where we have enough room to have both labs at the same time so attendees will be able to gain experience in casting and airbrushing.

We met at Blaine Holbrook’s home this month.

PDF Map to Blaine’s house.


November 21, 2015–Presentation and Workshop
The Future of Model Railroading by Blaine Holbrook
The Northern Utah Division’s Boxcar Races have been quite successful. Wasatch Rails 2015 had a great number of activities for the public. Join us for an update of what the Northern Utah Division is doing to encourage the public, especially children, to be involved in Model Railroading.

Gauge and Scale by Stan Jennings
What is railroad gauge? What is scale? Are they the same thing? This is a hands-on clinic on what railroad gauge is and how to calculate scale. Bring your calculator! Dial calipers would be handy. Do you have a question about the scale of one of your models? Bring it.

October 17, 2015Media Management
Presentation by Steve Moore

Acquire, Notate, Classify, and Store your pictures, so you can actually find them when you need them! I know, what a concept, right?

PDF Media Management handout

September 19, 2015Presentation and Workshop
Train Trucks, which trucks are appropriate for which eras
Presentation by Fred Baney

Hands on, installing couplers and tuning rolling stock
Workshop by Fred Baney

Learn tips and techniques for fine-tuning your rolling stock so that it performs better on your layout. Bring your “Problem” cars to the event and get them off the “rip” track and back in service

August 15, 2015Presentation and Workshop
Military Railway Guns
Presentation by Paul Betts

Basic Machining
Workshop by Bill Kennedy

July 18, 2015Backdrops
Steve Moore
Steve will cover brush and airbrush painting of sky and clouds, painting trees, commercial backdrops, custom printed backdrops (sky or no sky), painted sky and printed backdrop combinations. There will be lots of examples, how-to video clips, and more, including an extensive handout.

PDF handout for Backdrop Clinic

PDF just for Sources and Links

June 20, 2015Making a Mountain & Airbrushing
Ron Davies
Did you see Ron’s scenery workshop at Wasatch Rails 2014?  The public loved it!!  Now we will have a chance to make our own mountains!

Airbrushing-For those who couldn’t stay for all of the December basic painting workshop or those who desire more instruction and/or practice, we will also have another painting workshop this month building on the December basic painting workshop.

May 16, 2015The Legacy of the Golden Spike; Railroad service in Utah
Dan Kuhn
UDOT’s Railroad & Freight Planner

This power point presentation examines the evolution of railroad service in the Beehive State with a focus on locomotive development and operations. Retired railroad official and current UDOT Railroad & Freight Planner Daniel B. Kuhn uses his own photos to take you on a journey that explains how the railroads serving Utah have been at the forefront of locomotive development, and how post-deregulation railroad mergers have reduced the number of Class One railroads operating in Utah from four in 1980 to the Union Pacific today, with BNSF Railway also serving Utah via trackage rights over selected UP lines. Daniel will share personal anecdotes about his years railroading in Utah and across the west, along with some humorous stories about how some of the photos in this presentation were taken by him. Railroad historians and model railroaders should enjoy this colorful look at Utah’s railroads. All Aboard!

April 18, 2015Electrify Your Scenery
Rick Luther
Learn how to build your own static grass applicator from just a few easily available parts and for under $10.00! Then learn the about the materials, tips and tricks to bring realistic grass to your layout.

Handout – Electrify your scenery with Static Grass

PowerPoint (as a PDF) – ElectrifyYour Scenery Clinic

March 21, 2015Utah’s Eureka Hill Railway
Stan Jennings
The Eureka Hill Railroad, is one of the most interesting railroads in Utah.  Stan Jennings will present the story of this fascinating railroad, cover some mining basics and present some mine modeling ideas.

February 21, 2015Circus Trains
Mary Petersen
Everyone likes a circus, yet how many know what it takes behind the scenes for the show to go on? Marty Peterson is one who does. Not only is he a circus modeler, he volunteers with circuses to help make them happen. We will have a behind-the-scenes view of the circus then Marty will cover circus modeling, a subject suitable for any model railroad layout era from 1840s to the present.

A new feature we are adding to the website is videos of the clinics in a members only section. For now this is the first couple of minutes from the clinic as a teaser.

January 17, 2015Signal control setup / programing: Programing and operating the signal system
Daland Speirs

Bonus: Tips on Making a Presentation by Stan Jennings
Handout – Tips for a Presentation or Workshop

December 20, 2014Air Brush
***2pm-5pm @ Blaine Holbrook’s home in Centerville***
Stan Jennings
Are you tired of seeing and/or buying look-a-like models?   Most of us want to have unique models and that usually requires paint.
Does painting in general seem mysterious or difficult?  Does airbrushing in particular seem mysterious to you?  They shouldn’t.  In December we will discuss the basics of painting.  While the emphasis will be on air brush basics, we will also work on the basics of preparation, paint types, brush painting, dry brushing, masking, paint removal, and many other related subjects. If you have any painting-related subject you feel should be part of the clinic, let us know.
We will meet at Blaine Holbrook’s home, Centerville, at 2PM.  Blaine has superb facilities for this type of clinic — a good area for the classroom necessities, a huge lab area (two floors) and plenty of parking available in a church parking lot behind the house.  We could handle forty participants, although twenty would be much easier.
Like a race school, we will present basics in a classroom-like manner, then on to really painting, both brush and airbrush.  Blaine has a friend that is a master air brush artist, he will probably help with the hands-on air brushing segment.  The 2PM starting time gives about an hour for basics then two-three hours for serious practice (we don’t have to quit exactly at the normal five).

November 15, 2014—Part 2 Signaling and the layout: Wiring for signals. Installing a prototype signaling system on the layout
Daland Speirs

October 18, 2014—History of the Salt Lake, Garfield & Western Railroad &Track Planning
Stan Jennings & Peter Lieber
Marty is out of town so there is a change in clinics for this month. We get two!
–Stan Jennings will present a history of the Salt Lake, Garfield & Western Railroad from 1891 to the present day.
–Peter Lieber will present a clinic on track planning and how to go from a map of the prototype to list of scenes, to track plan.

September 20, 2014Signaling overview: What it is, how it works and how it relates to model railroads
Daland Speirs

August 16, 2014“Finer Points” of DCC (rescheduled from April)
Alan Anderson
Alan will touch on a few basics as from his earlier DCC presentation, and then into the finer points. Learn how to use smartphones as a throttle using DCC->JMRI->Wi-fi->Smartphone. Plus DCC systems with computer interconnectivity, free JMRI software, and either EngineDriver for Android, or WiThrottle for iOS.

July 19, 2014UP Turbines
Fred Baney
They were BIG, they were Loud, and they were Yellow. They only lasted a little over 20 years in service and they have gone for over 40. They were a site and sound never to be forgotten. Fred takes you through the history of all the different types. From the Steam Turbine Electric thru the world’s only coal burning gas turbine locomotive. He will go into the “nuts & bolts” of these beasts, how they worked, and what it took to operate them. Come hear and see how these “Dragons” of the Wasatch lived and how they died.

June, 2014Golden Spike Limited 2014
NO Division Meeting
Go to the Region Convention we are hosting! 🙂

May 17, 2014Interurbans of Utah since 1949
Stan Jennings
At one time Utah had interurban service from as far south as Payson, Utah, as far north as Preston, Idaho, west to Garfield, Utah and east to Pinecrest, Utah. While all except one are gone and the survivor is dramatically changed, a surprising amount of equipment has survived. What has survived is a fascinating part of Utah’s railroad history.

Apr 19, 20143 Mini Presentations
Because of Easter conflicts, we will not have Alan’s presentation; it has been postponed until August. Instead, we will have at least three short presentations – the Scott Special, removing lettering and decaling.  It will be hands-on for the decaling presentation, bring decals and something to decal.

Mar 15, 2014Utah Mining Railroads
Don Strack
Don will present a history of Utah railroads, and the important role they played in the history of mining in Utah. The presentation covers the early years before the mining boom of the two decades between 1890 and 1910, as well as the vital role railroads played in the sudden growth in Utah’s coal mining industry in Carbon County, and the mines in and around Bingham Canyon and Park City. Included is a brief summary of the years after World War II to today. Don has given this presentation twice as a lecture for Mining Engineering students at University of Utah, as part of the overall history of mining in Utah.