For Sale

This list is outdated. Contact Geoff to see what shirts, etc. we have available.

The Northern Utah Division does not have any dues in addition to what the National Model Railroad Association charges. In other words, if you belong to the NMRA and live within the boundaries of the Northern Utah Division, you do not have to pay extra to receive any of the benefits. You can attend meetings and events, participate in the DOGs, go on layout tours, etc.

We are also a 501(c)(3) so that you can make tax free donations (see your accountant) to the Division – money and items we can sell or use. Right now we have received a donation of items and are currently selling them to raise funds for the Division. Rather than bring the whole lot to every event, we have a catalog (updated July 14, 2017) for you to look at. You can then email Geoff to let him know you are interested and he will bring the item to the next event.