Executive Committee

Each member of the Executive Committee is a volunteer member of our Division. Each has been appointed by the Superintendent to serve as the Chairperson of one of our Division’s programs.

There is no term of service – a member of the Executive Committee serves for as long as they are able or willing – and except for spending money or making contracts, each Chairperson has full authority and autonomy to manage their program for the good of the Division!

If you are a member of the Division and want to make a difference in our NMRA experience, get in touch with the Executive Committee member who manages the program you’d like to be a part of and let them know you are interested to help!


Committee Members

Achievement Program: Jim Wanlass

Train Shows: Geoff Carter

Boy Scouts: Fred Baney

Clinics: Charlie Treft

Digital Communications: Jim Wanlass

Special Events:

Facilities: Blaine Holbrook

Layout Tours: Robert (Bob) Gerald

Library: Robert Arnesen

Marketing: Steve Moore

Membership: Cindy Lund

Publishing: Rick Luther

Videography: Vacant

To reach any member you may send an email using the Contact Us page and it will be promptly forwarded.