New Event Location Starting in May 1

It is with great pleasure that we announce the new location for our monthly Division Events starting on May 21, 2016.

We will be meeting at Discovery Gateway, 444 West 100 South, Salt Lake City. This is where the children’s museum is at the Gateway Shopping Center.

We have been given the opportunity to refurbish, rebuild, revitalize, and maintain a small model railroad layout currently owned by the museum. As compensation for our efforts we will get the opportunity to have a meeting location that allows us room to grow our membership and attendance, a place that we can do smelly, messy, dirty projects and clinics that we can’t do at our current location, Jordan Valley Medical Center – West Valley Campus.


The following are some of the reasoning behind this decision to move:

  • We are outgrowing the present location. 25 is the average attendance and about maxes out the seating capacity yet we have over 150 members. We would like to be able to accommodate more.
  • We will have access to a larger client base to attract new members. Discovery Gateway has a large Facebook following and calendar following. They will advertise our presence and programs to their members. At the hospital, we only have the hospital staff and sick people to draw from.
  • We will have access to their workroom to do our messy, smelly, and dirty projects at the same location; negating the need to find another location. We appreciate Blaine Holbrook opening his home and workshop for this kind of stuff in the past.

Parking is a potential problem.  However, we have solutions:

  • Gateway has 3 Hour parking for $1.00, not that burdensome.
  • There is limited free parking along Rio Grande St and just a few blocks away.
  • You can park free at Central Station and ride Trax within the Free Zone to the Planetarium station.
  • You can ride any combination of UTA public transportation,: Bus, Trax, or FrontRunner to get from many places along the Wasatch Front.
  • You can Car Pool to share the expenses with a buddy.

More benefits are:

  • We will be able to grow interest in the hobby by having the public watch us as we work on the layout. We could also invite the public to participate with us.
  • We have a wonderful opportunity to advertise our Intermountain Train Expo to all the patrons of the Discovery Gateway.
  • There are many of our members who dream about improving or starting a new layout. Here is a chance for you to work alongside the masters and learn the techniques first hand.
  • We will have a chance to do fund raising for our group at this new venue.
  • We will be able to build interest in the children and their parents in this family friendly hobby.
  • NMRA members will be considered partners with the Children’s Museum and thus will not be required to pay the entrance fee. If you bring children with you, as long as they don’t use the other displays, they will also have free admittance.
  • NMRA members who find an interest in helping out with other museum projects will have no entrance fees.
  • The NMRA will not be charged with use of the Theater, Gallery, or the workroom.
  • We can institute Al Hovey’s Kids N’ Trains program
    • We will have the space
    • We will have a ready supply of participants.
    • Children can start their own pizza pie layout.
    • These layouts can be featured at our Intermountain Train Expo, thus giving a reason for the child’s family and friends to visit our show.
    • Layouts open the opportunity to cross-advertise our presence at Gateway Discovery, thus increasing the level of participation there.

We are excited for this change and opportunity for growth. We hope you will join us!

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