September Superintendent Message

There’s so much more to this hobby than just “building trains in your basement!” This month’s selfie finds me in the Machine Shop in Evanston running trains! We had a large HO Free-mo layout with a couple groups from out of state as well as a good sized N scale Free-moN layout. It’s really fun to run long trains as well as short ones. I can run the short ones at home but not the really long ones! WOW! Did I mention how fun it was?!? It was also great meeting new people and getting to know them better as well as hanging out with those we already knew. It’s a lot of work but so much fun!

I’m happy to say that in Charlie’s absence (I’m sure he would appreciate a call or email) you have stepped up to fill the empty slots for our upcoming clinics! We now have through February scheduled. Keep in touch with each other and if you need any help, model railroad-wise or anything else, reach out and any number of people will be willing to help! As we serve each other we can enjoy the journey together!

Jim Wanlass, MMR #585

Northern Utah Division of the NMRA