March Superintendent Message

There’s so much more to this hobby than just “building trains in your basement!” A couple of weeks ago I was in Las Vegas for another Dance Dads weekend with my daughter. I knew the Nevada Southern Live Steamers were having a run day so I was able to sneak away for a couple hours to chat with the guys and have a ride on their railroad. It’s always fun to see how other clubs do things. We can all learn from each other. While there I was also able to see the trains (and models) at the Nevada State Railroad Museum. I was impressed to see how many people were there to ride the trains and see the exhibits. It was fun to see families and big groups.

I’m looking forward to the Region Convention being here in Salt Lake this year in June. (A week earlier than our regular meeting.) It will be hosted at Stadler in conjunction with their Open House and Train Show like we did last year. There will be clinics, layout tours, ops sessions, a ride up at Heber, and more. If you want to volunteer to help with something let me know. As soon as we have some of the times nailed down we will open the on-line registration. Depending on your level of volunteering, you could have your registration paid for. Even though it’s still a few months out it will be here before you know it! In the meantime, we have some good clinics coming up. (We need some more for July onward.) I always look forward to seeing you guys so we can enjoy the journey together!

Jim Wanlass, MMR #585

Northern Utah Division of the NMRA