April Superintendent Message

There’s so much more to this hobby than just “building trains in your basement!” I find myself writing this article while on a train in Germany headed to Switzerland. For those that don’t know, the largest model railway system is Miniatur Wunderland, according to Guinness World Records. My wife spent over six hours with me there (including the lunch and a cool behind the scenes tour.) She did say,”It was really cool!” And to that I say, “She’s a keeper!” I could have stayed a few more hours. The more I studied the scenes the more I found. There were so many details. Even where the public couldn’t see, in the back areas on our tour there were many vignettes.

Not only was the railway system impressive but the cars and the airplanes had their own systems as well. What was also amazing was how many people were there. It was packed! If you ever have a chance to go, I highly recommend it!

The plans are coming along for the Region Convention. Look for the registration link on our website hopefully next week. Remember that it is in conjunction with the Stadler open house and a week earlier, and in place of, our normal monthly meeting. We do need some more volunteers to give clinics. Let Kevin know if you have a clinic you would be willing to give. It can be something you’ve done recently or a new subject. It takes a bunch of us to put on a successful convention and in that way we can enjoy the journey together!

Jim Wanlass, MMR #585

Northern Utah Division of the NMRA