Cub_Scouts-1Are you an ambassador for your hobby? We can all help promote Model Railroading in our own way. I was a Boy Scout merit badge counselor for years without anyone asking for my help. Eventually I found an opportunity to help and have now helped pass off over 100 boys.

My son has been “required” to do a certain amount of service for scouts and is now finding it rewarding (and fun) to help even more than is required. Recently he helped me present the subject of Model Railroading at a Pack Meeting to Cub Scouts (boys age 8-10) and their families.

I like helping Scouts and anytime someone wants me to talk about trains I’ll be there! 🙂 For you, it might be something different but I encourage you to find a way to share your passion of Model Railroading with others.

Cub_Scouts-2Starting in May we will be meeting at the Discovery Gateway children’s museum. This is a great time to invite a friend to see what we are all about. Besides, the clinic is going to be fantastic!

There are a lot of “needs” for volunteers in our Division. Some of us wear a lot of “hats” in what we do and want to share the opportunity with others. If you can spare some time (or make some time) ask one of the Board Members where you can help out, or if you have an idea let us know!

I will have a longer write-up about my presentation in the next Promontory Post Newsletter.