New Superintendent

Jack Chase has resigned as Superintendent of the Division. As Assistant Superintendent I took over the duties temporarily. Saturday night we had a Board Meeting to make it official. I am the new Superintendent and Rick Luther is the new Assistant Superintendent. We have a few people in mind for the open position of Director on the Board. If you would like to be considered contact me using the Contact US page. We will be having another Board Meeting May 26 at Shay Park before the first public run of the season of the Utah Live Steamers Club.

The programs we choose to do are meant to add fun and enjoyment to the Hobby! We encompass all scales (it’s no secret I model from live steam down to Nn3)! We are partnering with On30 guys to do a set of modules (more info on that to come.) Let me know how we can help make Model Railroading more fun for everyone in Northern Utah!