Master Model Railroader #585

Did you see the latest Region newsletter? Gary Myers, the Region AP Chair announced this:

27th Rocky Mountain Region Master Model Railroader!

Congratulations to Jim Wanlass of Northern Utah, the newest and 27th Master Model Railroader of the Rocky Mountain Region.  Jim is the first RMR MMR I have had the privilege to award during my current stint as Region Achievement Program Chair.  It has been a pleasure to be on the final approval end, reviewing the remarkable and outstanding work that Jim has accomplished.  As some of you have seen, Jim has begun publishing his MMR journey in the NMRA Magazine.  I am looking forward to the rest of Jim’s series articles on his successful quest.

Congratulations Jim!

Thanks Gary! That gives us two current MMRs living in the Northern Utah Division! Gary is right, you can read about Jim’s Quest in the NMRA Magazine as well as more details and pictures on his website