July Superintendent Message

There’s so much more to this hobby than just “building trains in your basement!” If you have never been to the Colorado Model Railroad Museum you should put it on your bucket list! I had visited once before and when given the opportunity to go back and be certified as an official volunteer that can operate on the layout, I jumped at the chance! It is incredible how many volunteers there are and how many hours they put in. To have such a large layout that runs so well is amazing. Meeting all the people there and seeing the public enjoy the layout was great!

Everyone I talked to about the Stadler event really liked it. They were excited to have us there and we were excited to be there. For those that have not heard, we will be hosting the Rocky Mountain Region Convention next year. Stadler would like to have us back and it might even be the location for most of the convention meetings. There are so many activities going on and I’m always excited to see people I know and make new friends. For those we haven’t seen in awhile we look forward to seeing you again and those we see all the time, well, we are just as excited to see you again so that we can enjoy the journey together!

Jim Wanlass, MMR #585

Northern Utah Division of the NMRA