January Superintendent Message

There’s so much more to this hobby than just “building trains in your basement!” If you haven’t heard yet, Kevin Anderson is officially MMR #752! Congrats Kevin! Last weekend Rick and Kevin helped with doing evaluations at Lowell’s house. Before that Bob helped prepare Lowell for our arrival so we could be as productive as possible. While a person earns the MMR recognition, it takes many people to help get them there! Thanks to everyone who helps in all aspects that the Division is involved in! It truly takes a lot of people, often behind the scenes, working hard to organize and get things done that we enjoy as a Division.

We have some great clinics lined up but we need some more volunteers. We have through May (but still need April). Mark has agreed to help schedule the clinics while Charlie is still out. Keep focusing on getting better Charlie! If Marks asks if you can give a clinic consider it an official request. laughing If you have a topic you would like to present, let him know.

Like I mentioned, it takes many people to keep the Division running smoothly and you can help with that so we can enjoy the journey together!

Jim Wanlass, MMR #585

Northern Utah Division of the NMRA