Four Layout Tours This Saturday!

Four Layouts Open for Tours!
Saturday, February 24, 2018
10 am to 4 pm

Steve Strebel’s
Rio Grande and Pacific

1368 South 1000 West
Salt Lake City, UT.
(2nd house from the corner and down a 100 yard driveway. Ample parking on the grass to the south.)

What can you do with a 19’ x 33’ space given 30 plus years of work? Come see, you won’t believe your eyes! Steve’s attic space is alive with details few model railroads possess. The main line circles the room with 100 plus feet of hand-laid On3 track. Two branch lines some 70 and 35 feet in length serve the port town Tabiona and the mining district on the second level of the layout. An On30 branch winds across an impossibly tall bridge on its way to no where (Know Air). Some 261 structures, all but five are scratch built, fill the space between the lines. Many of these structures feature full interiors and lighting. Please come and enjoy the views at Steve’s open house.
Thank You from the “O” Scale Guys and Gals : Steve, Don, Dale, Karen, Don(2), Al, Mike, Cathy, San, Greg, Brad and George.

There will be a mandatory limit of five people allowed up to the attic at a time. Please be patient and wait for chance to see this fabulous layout.


Leslie (Gary) Sells’ layout

915 Princeton Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT

Gary’s layout is a 12′ x20′ N scale layout that he started in 1990. It features many red rock cliffs inspired by a 1940′ postcard of the Castle Gate area that were created using over 100 pounds of hydrocal plaster. In addition it has grown to include around 290 buildings of various sizes, half of which are craftsman kits. Many of the buildings are lit using LEDs from butchered Martha Stewart Christmas lights. He finds that structure building to be his favorite part of the hobby. Unfortunately, to see many of the buildings requires a duck-under to a very tight aisle which can only hold a couple of people at a time. Also, since this is a very old house, the stairs to his basement are very steep with very narrow treads.

Jim Hoeppner’s
Colorado & Great Western

5579 West 4330 South
Salt Lake City, UT

Jim Hoeppner’s Colorado and Great Western is a multilevel freelanced HO layout based on the DRGW railroad set in the 1970s era.  All place names on the layout are actual stations on the DRGW but there is no attempt to accurately model any of the locations.  The layout fills a 22 by 33 foot basement with the upper level going over the entrance door to avoid any duckunders.  The scenery is 100% complete and has many well detailed scenes to see.  There is fully functional CTC signaling system installed controlled by CMRI hardware and JMRI.


Gary Petersen’s
Salt Lake Southern

4386 South 4510 West
Salt Lake City, UT

Gary Petersen’s Salt Lake Southern is a freelanced HO layout representing a bridge route between the Chicago Northwestern and the Western Pacific over Wyoming’s South Pass in 1995.  The multilevel layout fills a 26 by 40 foot basement with no duckunders so you can easily follow your train over the whole route.  The station names are actual places in Wyoming but no attempt is made to accurately model the locations.  The scenery is 100% complete with many nicely detailed scenes to see.  There is a fully functional CTC system controlled by CMRI hardware and JMRI.

Rules: There is no handicap access. There is no smoking inside. There maybe a bathroom available. Children need to be well behaved and supervised.

Etiquette: Stay as long as you like being sensitive to the number of visitors that can be accommodated in the layout area. Questions are welcomed.

For more information, contact Bob Gerald at