Railroading 101

Railroading 101 – (Railroading Merit Badge)

Every year at Wasatch Rails we have a Railroading Merit Badge class. This year we are opening it up to the general public as well. Even if you are not a Boy Scout but would like to learn more about railroading, you are welcome to join us! Depending on how many are in the class, it can be between 2-3 hours. The boys will be quizzed from the notes they have taken before getting their blue card signed off. Each boy must bring their own blue card, they will not be provided. Those who complete the class who are not Boy Scouts will receive a certificate.

The class consists of instruction in the form a lecture by two or three presenters using visual aids and a hands-on portion that is with a portable layout called a Timesaver. You get to actually run the trains! The following link is the outline we follow with highlights in yellow being what we will cover. It also has additional resources to learn even more.

Railroading Handout

The time for the class is 1:00 p.m. on Saturday only.


Track Display Board

Track Display show many of the different sizes of track in Model Railroading