Rick Luther’s Building Roads and Parking Lots Clinic

Rick Luther gave a great clinic on “One Way” to build roads and parking lots using craft foam. Craft foam is the thin foam sheets that you can buy at many craft stores such as Michaels or Jo Ann’s. The three main colors used are gray, black and tan. The advantage of craft foam is that it is a dry method that does not require messy plaster or other wet ingredients. The foam is easily cut and can be glued to the layout using a variety of adhesives. The foam also accepts water based paint or chalks for creating tire tracks, pavement patches, street markings and to vary the color of the asphalt. Craft foam can be marked with a variety of pens, pencils or scribes to simulate cracks, alligatoring and other road details. You can download the presentation and handout in PDF format.

My daughter saw me looking at the above picture zoomed in a bit and she asked, “Where is that?” Great job, Rick, on such a realistic scene!