May Meeting Update & Newsletter

May Meeting Update

The May Division Meeting ‘s clinic was a slideshow about a lot of local railroad history. Not growing up in this area there is quite a bit I don’t know about local railroad history but have been learning a lot over the years.

There were a lot of slides and it was quite interesting! Here is one I took a picture of. It is the one used for the basis of one of the convention cars. Accurail doesn’t make this exact type but close.


Here is my car that I recently put together.SLURRAnother interesting line we learned more about were the Saltair cars. I haven’t put together my boxcar yet.

The first run of convention cars are nearly sold out; just a couple of each left. If you hurry you might still be able to get one:

OR email Stan at to check if there are any left.

The second set of cars are available here: Club Car. They are going to go fast.


The recent issue of  the Promontory Post was emailed this week. We have moved to an emailed newsletter version that hopefully will take some of the work load off of the newsletter editor. If you haven’t received it check your spam box because it’s coming from a newsletter service and not an individual. If you haven’t gotten it let us know at and let us know your current email address.

There is also a PDF version on the Newsletter page.


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