March Events Cancelled

The March Board Meeting and Monthly Event are cancelled.

We have received this notice from
Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation!

This notice includes our meeting location at the Redwood Recreation Facility. I am not one to give into hype or overreact, but with all the announcements postponing and cancelling events and activities this is something I feel must be done. Hey, if Disneyland closes you know it must be serious!

We will have to wait and see regarding April. We are considering a technology based option for the future but until then be safe. Hopefully you have stocked up on kits like I have, and if you are stuck at home, will have plenty to do!

I will continue to consult with the Board of Directors and will keep you posted. Watch our Facebook Group and website for updates as well.

Jim Wanlass, MMR
Superintendent, Northern Utah Division, NMRA


We held the Board Meeting and the Clinic online via Webex – live streaming. The clinic replay is here.