December Newsletter and Elections

The December Newsletter has been sent as well as the Special Edition for the elections. If you have not received it to your email, make sure National has your current email address on file. You can also send your email to but make sure National has it too.

Here is the December Newsletter: Volume 02 Number 10

The Special Edition contains info about the candidates as well as info about how to vote. The election committee prefers you to use this link: (Link removed because the election has passed.) If that doesn’t work for you can fill out this PDF and email it back to but the online survey is the preferred way. Finally, you can vote at the December 20th meeting (but there’s no need to wait.) Don’t forget this month it will be at Blaine’s home. See the last page of the newsletter for directions. No matter which way you vote, only do it once. If in doubt email. Each vote will be checked against current NMRA#s.