Big Boy 4014 in Salt Lake City

Big Boy 4014 in Salt Lake City

The Big Boy #4014 on it’s historic journey to it’s new home stopped for a visit in Salt Lake City. It was running late on Friday night making some fans wait for hours, but once they saw it, it was worth the wait! Those who have operated on model railroads can appreciate being behind schedule and see first hand some of the reasons why it might be late. 🙂

Saturday hundreds of people took pictures up close and personal while 4014 sat patiently waiting for the journey to continue on Sunday to head up to Ogden where it will be on display on Monday. Several wonderful pictures were shared on Facebook and some, like me, have yet to download their shots from the camera. Here is an amazing one by our own Josh McMurrin.

4014 by Josh

Big Boy No. 4014 to Begin Historic Trek to Cheyenne

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