Monthly Events


The Monthly Events are held at the
Redwood Recreation Center!
3rd Saturdays – 10:00 AM

Covid-19 Updates from Salt Lake County

Given the most recent CDC guidelines, COVID-19 restrictions in Salt Lake County facilities are being lifted.  Our current updates are as follows:

  • Patrons who have been vaccinated do not have to wear masks. Anyone who is more comfortable wearing a mask may continue to do so. These two groups should still wear a mask, if not participating in physical activity:
    • Anyone who has not been fully vaccinated.
    • Children under the age of 12.
  • Vaccinations are strongly encouraged and opportunities to receive the vaccination continue to grow with pop-up clinics scheduled throughout the summer (some of our centers will host pop-up clinics).
  • Respecting personal space (commonly referred to as “social distancing” over the past year), is a courtesy that we continue to encourage.
  • For your health and the health of others, if you are sick, please stay home.

Board of Director’s Meeting from 9 AM – 10 AM
Division Event from 10 AM – Noon

Redwood Recreation Center
3060 Lester Street
West Valley City, UT 84119

There is ample free parking available in the front of the building off of Lester Street.

There is additional free parking behind the building to the north and a short walk across Lester Street to the east.

There are two Trax Stations in the area. Redwood Junction at Redwood Road and Research Way. The Decker Lake Station at 3100 South and Decker Lake Drive.




Train Day at the Discovery Gateway Friday and Saturday 10am – 4pm


December 18, 2021–Train Day at Discovery Gateway
Presented by Northern Utah Division

The December meeting will be held at the Discovery Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. This is an opportunity to share our love of the hobby with the general public and introduce the hobby with a whole new group of people.


January 22, 2022–New Year Celebration/Presentation–How to Build a DC/DCC Test Track
Presented by Geoff Carter

In the spirit of the season, we would like everyone to bring a treat to share (dessert or meal-type food) and a wrapped gift for the Gift Exchange. It can be something funny or even practical that you no longer have need of. The gift should preferably be train-related but it doesn’t need to be. Let’s have some fun!


February 19, 2022–Working with Arduinos – Hands-on
Presented by Mike Dean

We will be doing an Arduino clinic in February, and would like members to think ahead for clinic. Mike Dean will be presenting, but this clinic will require a fair amount of computer preparation. NOTE: If you do not have a computer, this is not a problem – we will bring some computers. But IF you have a laptop that you can bring to the clinic, it will help everyone. We will send details in subsequent newsletters about what how YOU can help by bringing a laptop.

The goal of this clinic will be to help members see how very tiny microcontroller chips can do REAL things. You will be provided with a tiny chip, breadboard, and some LEDS, as well as a programming cable, in return for which we need your energy, and IF you want to keep the equipment, a mere $10 for about $25 worth of hardware! It’s a no-brainer.

We will have about five laptops, and will bring Arduino chips, boards, LEDs, breadboards, wires, and everything you need to see how you can do some interesting things, with little difficulty.


March 19, 2022–TBD
Presented by TBD



April 18, 2022–Weathering
Presented by David Sealy

Learn the ins and outs about weathering techniques for your layout.



TBDUnion Pacific Turbines
Presented by Fred Baney

A fascinating history and facts about the UP Turbines. (A continuation on his prior presentation of the same subject.)


TBDMulti Mini Clinics

We will be starting our multi mini-clinics. We will have one on using an air brush with Blaine Holbrook and two others going on simultaneously. Rotating every thirty minutes or so. Stay tuned for more information.



As the Clinic Coordinator I look at what this requires and realize we all can contribute to our clinics. I started with a sheet of plywood with my father back when I was a child and since then have done so much, especially in the last few years. We all have skills and experiences that we can share. Being retired from the Education profession also has shown me that what I have done in the past can help someone else looking for an answer. I will call upon all of you to share what you have learned, because we all have a love of trains.

Charlie Treft
Clinics Coordinator

To see past clinic topics we have a special page for that!