Monthly Events

We meet at Discovery Gateway, 444 West 100 South, Salt Lake City. This is where the children’s museum is at the Gateway Shopping Center.

DiscoveryGatewayOutsideWe have been given the opportunity to refurbish, rebuild, revitalize, and maintain a small model railroad layout currently owned by the museum. As compensation for our efforts we will get the opportunity to have a meeting location that allows us room to grow our membership and attendance, a place that we can do smelly, messy, dirty projects and clinics that we can’t do at our former location.

The Gateway has 3 Hour parking for $1.00, if paid at the museum front desk.
There is also limited free parking along Rio Grande St and just a few blocks away.
You can park free at Central Station and ride Trax within the Free Zone to the Planetarium station.
You can ride any combination of UTA public transportation: Bus, Trax, or FrontRunner to get from many places along the Wasatch Front.

NMRA members will be considered partners with the Children’s Museum and thus will not be required to pay the entrance fee. If you bring children with you, as long as they don’t use the other displays, they will also have free admittance.

We will meet in the Theater and then stay for the presentation or move to the workroom for hands-on.

We are excited for this change and opportunity for growth. We hope you will join us!

We meet every third Saturday of the month from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

Division Meeting Agenda:
3:00 – 3:15 Welcome/Division Business (15 minutes MAX)
3:15 – 3:20 Show & Tell
3:20 – 3:25 Break
3:25 – 4:45 Clinic
4:45 – 5:00 Member Mingle/Q&A/Shoot the Bull


We meet at the Discovery Gateway children’s museum located at
444 West 100 South
Salt Lake City
Admission to the Division Event is free. Discounted parking passes can be purchased at the admissions desk for $1 for 3 hours.


June 17, 2017Hands on Photography
Bring your camera!!  Schon Norris assisted by Nicholas Wakefield will cover some photography basics — f-stops, shutter speed, depth of field, focal length, “film” speed, telephoto, wide-angle, macro, micro and more with an emphasis on close-up photography.  Then we will practice what we learned.  While we will have models to photograph, please feel free to bring your own model(s).
Presented by Schon Norris and Nicholas Wakefield


July 15, 2017Presentation
Guil Rand will show us how he modeled the McWane Ductile Pipe Plant.
Presented by Guil Rand


August 19, 2017Presentation

Presented by Bill Hughes


September 16, 2017Presentation
Keith Osojnak and Schon Norris will share some railroad photography with us. Keith’s emphasis will be Thailand railroads, and Schon will present model and prototype photographs.
Presented by Keith Osojnak and Schon Norris


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