Achievement Program

Like many of you, I’m sure, I have a lot of different projects going on. I enjoy the hobby of model railroading but have yet to have a large layout of my own. I have a big enough space to enjoy what I am doing but wished I had the time to have it further along. Lee Nicholas once told me that he felt fortunate enough to be blessed with the opportunity to have a layout like he does and that is one reason he is so willing to share it with others so much because he knows we can’t all, for whatever reason, have a “basement empire” of our own. Whenever I’ve gone on layout tours I get the same feeling from each of the layout owners and their willingness to share their little world with others. That goes right along with my motto that “we can enjoy the journey together!”

What does this have to do with the AP program? Well, as I’ve said before, the AP program helps me to expand my horizons by trying things I thought I wouldn’t have liked and helps to focus my limited modeling time and improve my skills. There are so many things that one can do in this hobby and that’s a reason so many of us like it so much. It also makes it hard to focus on any one thing to have something to show for our efforts that we put into it. By working on several of the certificates in combination, in the end, I can actually have a small but cool little layout to show for it!

UPDATE I have written a series of articles for the NMRA Magazine about my Quest for Master Model Railroader. The first one was published in the January 2017 issue. Each month I had another article through August following all eight AP Certificates I earned. You can also see some pictures and updates on my website JamestownTrains.comMMRpatch

I will be updating the chart below showing who has what certificate and what others are working on. By sharing with each other we can help advance to the level we would like. Reach out to those who might need your help. There are many in our Division who have done great work and could qualify for a number of certificates. Let me know if you want help with the paperwork and let’s get our Division working on the AP program more. As we do so we can enjoy the journey together!

Jim Wanlass, MMR #585
Superintendent & AP Chairman
Northern Utah Division, NMRA


A minimum of seven AP certificates, out of eleven possible, and at least one from each of the four areas are needed to reach MMR status. The official information and all the forms are found on the NMRA website.


The Northern Utah Division Achievement Program achievers:

***This list is just what I know of that has happened recently. I will update it as I get more info. Please let me know if you know of any that I can add.***


Master Model Railroader (MMR)

  • Jim Wanlass, MMR #585, 2017
  • Mark Evans, MMR #500, 2012
  • Kurt Kramke*, MMR #287


Golden Spike

  • Keith Osojnak, 2018 – NEW
  • Mike Dean, 2018 – NEW
  • Lowell Didas, 2018 – NEW
  • Lou Anderson*, 2018 – NEW
  • Charlie Treft, 2018 – NEW
  • Bill Hughes, 2018 – NEW
  • Gary Petersen, 2017
  • Karin Gerald, 2017
  • Bruce Alger, 2017
  • Bob Gerald, 2016
  • Mike Pettruzzelli*, 2016
  • Geoffrey Carter, 2016
  • Rick Luther, 2015
  • Jack Chase, 2015
  • Jim Wanlass, 2012
  • Doug Baney
  • Fred Baney, 1990


Model Railroad Equipment

Master Builder – Motive Power

  • Fred Baney, in progress
  • Jim Wanlass, 2017
  • John Laser, 2016
  • Kurt Kramke*, 1999


Master Builder – Cars

  • John Laser, in progress
  • Jim Wanlass, 2015
  • Mark Evans, 2005
  • Al Badham***
  • Kurt Kramke*, 1998



Master Builder – Structures

  • Rick Luther, in progress
  • Robert Arnesen, in progress
  • Jim Wanlass, 2016
  • Mark Evans, 2009
  • Al Badham***


Master Builder – Scenery

  • Jim Wanlass, in progress
  • Al Badham***, 2007


Master Builder – Prototype Models

  • Al Badham, 2007
  • Kurt Kramke*, 1999





*No longer in the Division

**Earned in another Division

***Passed Away





Engineering and Operation

Model Railroad Engineer – Civil

  • Rick Luther, 2017
  • Jim Wanlass, 2016
  • Dale Angell, 2014
  • Mark Evans, 2012


Model Railroad Engineer – Electrical

  • Rick Luther, 2017
  • Jim Wanlass, 2017
  • Dale Angell, 2014
  • Mark Evans, 2012


Chief Dispatcher

  • Jim Wanlass, 2015


Service to the Hobby

Association Official

  • Alan Anderson, in progress
  • Jack Chase, 2018
  • Mark Evans, 2008
  • Fred Baney, 2002
  • Kurt Kramke*, 2000
  • Fred Voelcker**


Association Volunteer

  • Rick Luther, in progress
  • Lou Anderson*, 2018 – NEW
  • Geoffrey Carter, 2016
  • Jack Chase, 2016
  • Jim Wanlass, 2013
  • Mark Evans, 2001
  • Fred Voelcker**
  • Doug Baney, 1999
  • Kurt Kramke*, 1999
  • Fred Baney, 1998
  • Cindy Meiser, 1997


Model Railroad Author

  • Rick Luther, in progress
  • Jim Wanlass, 2015
  • Dale Angell, 2014
  • Al Badham***, 2014
  • Kurt Kramke*, 2003
  • Mark Evans, 2001